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[Top»] What is the Aboricultural Association and what does it do?

The Aboricultural Association is the UK’s body for Tree Surgeons. They provide the initial training for tree surgeons and also list all their approved contractors and registered consultants, by doing this they hope to raise the standards of its practice.

They cooperate with similar bodies and associations who have identical views to theirs, they also provide training in major subjects based around Tree Surgery.

For further information on the Aboricultural Association and its values, use this link to access their website where you can obtain plenty of advice and details of how to become a member.

[Top»] Why should I use a Tree Surgeon?

Tree Surgeons can take down and remove trees in a professional and correct manner, without ruining surrounding environments. They have been trained how to cut down trees in the safest way possible reducing any risk to the public.

Tree Surgeons will have the correct equipment and safety wear as a variety of tools are needed, they will also have been trained how to use these tools to avoid accidents and work safely and efficiently around people and objects, should an accident occur they will have the correct insurance and will be covered with their public liability insurance.

Tree surgeons will also offer a service, which will include deposing of any refuge which has occurred from felling or treating trees sometimes at no extra cost.

[Top»] How much does it cost?

Whether you’re just treating or felling a tree, it makes sense to contract a professional Tree Surgeon who is qualified to undertake the work needed.

Tree Surgeons fees are based on the size of the tree and the area of work which needs to be undertaken.

[Top»] When should I use a Tree Surgeon?

There are many circumstances when you should use a Tree Surgeon. They don’t just remove trees they treat and stop aggressive fungi which can be harmful to trees. Tree surgeons work from the roots to the very top branches making sure the tree is healthy and preventing trees from dropping their limbs by removing the end weight from the trees.

Professional Tree Surgeons can also offer advice on how best to maintain your trees and should have a wide knowledge of most trees.