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[Top»] What Is The Tile Association?

The Tile Association is an association that represents the UK’s tiling industry, be it wall or floor, The Tile Association represents them both. The Tile Association promotes the professionalism of their members and ensures that the technical standards that their members provide are of the highest standard. If you need any more information on The Tile Association, it can be found at

[Top»] Why Should I Use A Tiler?

One of the main reasons to use a Tiler is that they are able to get that professional finish that we all dream of when we turn our hands to DIY. The Tiler will get the tiles aligned correctly with each other and ensure that they are level. The Tiler will also be able to make sure that each tile is flush with its neighbour, something which is harder than what you think!

Another reason to use a Tiler as a supposed to try doing it yourself is the time that it would take for a Tiler to carry out the job is far less than what we could do it in, and that’s without taking the finishing look into consideration! A Tiler is also capable of cutting tiles down to size and shaping them, for if they have to fit next to a pipe or around a sink basin.

[Top»] When Should I Use A Tiler?

If you are having a bathroom refitted, then a Tiler can help to finalise it by grouting and laying the tiles. The Tiler can take all the hassle and the mess out of finishing the bathroom for what could be a little extra cost. It doesn’t matter if it is wall tiles or floor tiles, the Tiler will be competent at laying both!

Another good time to use a to use a Tiler is if you are having any tiles in a kitchen. Here, again the Tiler can do a brilliant job of laying the tiles so that they compliment the work surface and the unit facias.