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[Top»] Thinking of a Swimming Pool?

If you are lucky enough to be thinking of a swimming pool, have you paid a thought to the regulations that are required, No? Well we have! In order to create a swimming pool, either indoor or outdoor, planning permission will be required; planning permission can be gained from your local council.

Another aspect to consider is that if you plan on holding more than 10,000 litres of water, and that it fills automatically from mains water, you need to inform your water and sewage company before you start work on it. If you would like more information on the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS), it can be found on

[Top»] Why Should I Invest In A Swimming Pool?

Well, if you can afford a swimming pool then they are a great little luxury to have. They are a great focal point for parties and evenings with the friends round. They can act as an entertainment source where Water Polo can be played and all manner of races can be held such as swimming and air-bed races to name but a few.

They can also be beneficial to your health as swimming is one of the best ways to get into shape as it is a resistance work out and you use many of the body’s muscles. As well as this, they are also a great way of cooling down and relaxing, especially with this hot summer that we are having!

As well as the fun and health factor, they also add value to your house as it makes your property that little bit more unique and also it is an object of desire.

[Top»] When Should I Invest In A Swimming Pool?

Well there is no perfect time for investing in a Swimming Pool. However, if you are planning on a major re-development of your house, then it may be advisable to plan for your swimming pool then, so that the re-developers can work to the drawings and then the excavation team work to start clearing for the Swimming Pool.

Another time that would be good to invest in a Swimming Pool is if you have a large room, barn or area that isn’t been used for any particular reason, you could add value and prestige to your house by adding the Swimming pool.

[Top»] How Much Will A Swimming Pool Cost?

Well there are so many different factors that can affect the price of a Swimming Pool it is hard to give an idea of price here. Some of the main factors are the size (length, width and depth) of the pool, as well as the design, as some exquisite pools with fountains in the middle and fancy steps are more expensive than a straight lane pool with a set of aluminium steps at each end for entrance and exit.

Tile designs can also be an influential part on how much the Swimming Pool will cost, as fancy or designed tiles will cost more than what a plain white or a plain blue one will cost. Other parts that may increase the price are the different types of pumps that are available, as one with a greater cycle will cost more than one with a smaller cycle.

As well as the initial start up costs to setting up a Swimming Pool, there are also maintenance costs, such as topping up the water level, ensuring that there is enough chlorine in the pool that it kills any bacteria, as well as the running costs for the pump, the heater and the lighting.

However, in saying this, a Swimming Pool is a brilliant asset to your house and will be used far more than you could imagine, it’s perfect for those early morning swims to get you up and awake in a morning!