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[Top»] What Is The Stone Federation GB?

As well as serving the Stone Masons, Stone Federation GB also serves the Stone Restorers and Stone Suppliers. They have a database of all the approved stone resellers and their location. If you would like more Information about the Stone Federation GB, it can be found at

[Top»] Why Should I Use a Stone Restoration Firm?

One of the main reasons for you to use a Stone Restoration Firm is that they have the equipment and resources necessary to clean the stone that you require. If it is a tall property, they have scaffolding (or links with a scaffolding company) to erect, they have special expensive machinery that is used to clean the stone and they also have the tarpaulin to keep the dust from spreading from that area. It would be costly and difficult to replicate their work as a home owner performing the work yourself. It would cost more in purchasing equipment and hiring scaffolding than using a Stone Restoration Firm.

[Top»] When Should I Use A Stone Restoration Firm?

If you have an area of brickwork on your house that is in need of a spruce up, a call to a Stone Restoration may bring that area back to life. Using their specialist tools, they can lift all types of dirt, including graffiti, chewing gum and tar.

[Top»] How Much Would A Stone Restoration Firm Charge?

Depending on the size of work that needed carrying out would have an influential factor on the price, as the larger the area that needs work carrying out on, the more it is going to cost. In addition to this, the location of the work, i.e. if it is a wall that can be accessed by foot or does scaffolding need to be in place in order for the full cleaning process to be undertaken. Depending on whether scaffolding or other specialist tools are required will depend on the price.