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[Top»] What Is The Stone Federation GB?

The Stone Federation GB is an association body whereby Stone Masons can sign up to the Stone Federation GB and become a member. If a member joins up then they can expect to have their work inspected as they carry the Stone Federation GB’s accredited status. More Information about the Stone Federation GB can be sourced at .

[Top»] When Should I Use a Stone Mason?

If you have a dry stone wall that is in need of repair, then a Stone Mason is the person that you ideally need to get in touch with. Due it being their trade, they will have plenty of experience, therefore you can be sure that the wall will be repaired to the best standard possible. The Stone Mason will ensure that the wall follows on correctly from the previous point and try to blend the repair so that it doesn’t stand out.

Another reason to use a Stone Mason is that you may wish to have a new solid stone wall built. Try as we might, we will not get near to the finish achieved by a Stone Mason as they have the eye to spot a good stone to be positioned in a certain place.

[Top»] Why Should I Use A Stone Mason?

Using a Stone Mason can really give you that traditional looking wall that you are after. Due to their experience and training, the Stone Mason can pick out which stone can be used where, so that the different levels of the wall are parallel with the previous one, resulting in a wall where the top of it is reasonably level. Another reason to use a Stone Mason is to ensure that the wall is built straight, as a curvy wall will give a negative appearance. Probably one of the main reasons to use a Stone Mason is to ensure that the wall is fit for purpose and is not at risk of collapsing and damaging either property or life.

[Top»] How Much Will A Stone Mason Cost?

There are two different ways a Stone Mason will charge, that is either by the hour or by the job. Depending on what Stone Mason you decide to use will depend in which way they charge. If you already have the stone required for the Stone Mason to use then you will only have to pay for the Stone Mason’s services as you have already purchased the stone. However, if you haven’t purchased the stone, then the Stone Mason will charge extra for this (however it may be included in the price if the Stone Mason decides to charge by the job), so it is always worth asking!