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[Top»] Why Should I Buy A Stair Lift?

The main reason for purchasing a Stair Lift is to aid you up the stairs. They can make your life easier, especially if you are of an elderly age or if you have mobility problems. There are two main types of Stair Lifts that are available. There is a straight Stair Lift that is for stairs that go straight; the other Stair Lift type is a curved one, where the curved Stair Lift type is ideal for stairs that have more than one landing.

[Top»] When Should I Buy A Stair Lift?

If you are struggling to get up the stairs last thing at night, and finding it hard to make your way down them in the morning, then it may be beneficial for you to invest in a Stair Lift. A Stair Lift will make your life so much easier by transporting you from the bottom of your stairs to the top and vice versa. However, the key point is safety, you don’t have to grab for the handrail, you can sit in comfort and control your ascent or descent by the touch of the button.

[Top»] How Much Does A Stair Lift Cost?

Depending upon what type of Stair Lift you go for, will depend on the final price. The curved Stair Lifts cost more due to the runners being unique to your house’s stair design, whereas the straight Stair Lifts are pretty universal.

There are also different motors and chairs available, so that you can customise the Stair Lift to your exact need and taste, so that it fits in with the decor of your house. Prices for a new Stair Lift that is straight are between £1000 to £2500 as an average, with reconditioned units available for less than £1000. Curved Stair Lifts are priced individually, as each different curved Stair type will require a different set up.

[Top»] What Else Is There That I Need To Know?

Well, due to the Stair Lifts been electrical, we recommend using a reputable electrician to install the product if you have bought the Stair Lift from a company that doesn’t offer installation. However, the majority of Stair Lift retailers will offer their own installation service, where qualified installers will carry out the work, to ensure that the work is done to the highest of standards and ensuring that the product is safe to use.