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[Top»] Why Should I Hire A Skip?

Well, as we all know it is illegal to fly tip, therefore when you have any large amounts of waste that needs disposing it needs to be taken to the dump-it or use a skip. The advantage of using a skip is that it is on your doorstep (unsightly....but its only for a few days) so you don’t have to worry about dropping the back seats down, laying the rugs down in the back to prevent the back seats getting dirty and damaging the interior.

You can walk straight out of the house or garden and dump the waste straight into the skip. The moment that the skip is full you can then phone the Skip Hire Company and they will come and collect it.

[Top»] When Should I Hire A Skip?

An ideal time for you to hire a skip would be if you are majorly refurbishing your garden and have a large amount of garden waste to dispose of, having a skip at hand means that you can conveniently tidy around the garden, picking up the waste and place it into the skip without having to think if the dump-it is open and then preparing the car.

Another time when a skip maybe of use if you are doing any internal refurbishment, such as a kitchen or bedroom. Removing the old work units means that they need to be disposed of, that’s where the skip comes in handy as you can pick one unit up, dismantle it and then pile it up ready to be wheel- barrowed into the skip.

These are just some examples of when you would require a skip; however there are many other situations when a skip would be beneficial.

[Top»] How Much Does Skip Hire Cost?

The few different factors that affect the price are the size of the skip; it tends to be the larger skips cost more (as you can dispose of more!). The other factor that will affect price is how long you intend to keep the skip for, the longer you have the skip, the more it will cost. A 3 yard skip will be expected to cost around £40 to £60 (+VAT) with the largest skip with a 50 Yard ship costing around £350 to £400 (+VAT). However, prices can vary depending on the area that you are living in and whether you need to keep the skip on the highway or not.