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[Top»] What is the SIA?

The Security Industry Authority is a governing body that regulates who is licensed to work within the Security Services. They also regulate the Approved Contractor Scheme to ensure that Security Supplies adhere to the criteria set by the SIA. For more information about the SIA it can be found at

The SIA license covers many different types of Security Services, such as manned guarding, close protection, supervision, public space surveillance and more.

[Top»] Why Should I Use A Security Service?

A Security Service can provide you with SIA qualified personnel to make sure that the event you are holding remains safe or that the property/area that needs protection also remains safe. By using a SIA approved Security Service, you can have the peace of mind that the Security Personnel will be able to control the crowd, should any misdemeanour occur. The Security Service Personnel are trained to remove an individual or a group of people that are intent on causing trouble.

[Top»] When Should I Use A Security Service?

A Security Service doesn’t have to be used just for big events and as door supervisors, they can also be used on building sites, factory grounds, car parks and in shops. Security Services can also respond to emergency call outs, so if you think somebody maybe trying to get into your property, you can call them and they can have a walk round and look for any suspicious acts and apprehend anybody that may be on site until the Police arrive.

Other areas where Security Services may come in handy are if you require CCTV installing. If you require that extra secure feeling to house, then CCTV may be a great way to give you that comfort. Another great reason to have CCTV is to protect your valuables, this may be a car or motorbike parked on the drive or that garden furniture.

[Top»] How Much Would a Security Service Cost?

Ultimately, the cost of the Security Service will vary and depend entirely upon what you require, if you require 10 Security Personnel then that cost will be different to what a Emergency Response Security Guard will cost. Some average costs for Security Services are around £11-£12 for a static guard, £9-£12 for a patrol and £40-£55 for a call out.