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[Top»] Roofing Regulations

There are many different roofing regulations currently been enforced, some of which are the British Standards Institute (BSI). It is important to adhere to these regulations to ensure that the roof is safe, both for the occupants of the house and pedestrians that may be walking past as falling objects from around 9 Metres could cause severe injury or worse.

[Top»] Why Should I Use A Roofer?

Well, using a Roofer can save you many hours of hard work after you have done your day job, as well as saving money by preventing costly mistakes. In addition to this, the builders also know what products that they can use that are BSI approved to ensure that the roof will conform to the regulations set.

Also, the Roofer will be able to lay it quicker than what we could, which could be very beneficial so that you aren’t losing the extra heat required to heat your house without a roof. As well as this, it can also benefit if there are adverse weather conditions as the quicker the roof is laid, the less likely the house will suffer from water penetration.

[Top»] When Should A Roofer Be Used?

A Roofer can be used whenever you have a problem with your Roof that needs looking at. Whether you need your ridge tiles replacing or relay, if you need to relay the tiles or if your roof has been heavily damaged then it may need replacing completely. All of these are examples of when a roofer may be required. However, these are only examples of roofing or tiling.

There may be some cases where the roofers will be required to insert new trusses, this maybe because the old trusses have rotted or the house maybe a new build where new trusses are required in order to pitch the roof.

[Top»] How Much Would A Roofer Cost?

If you require your ridge tiles replacing and pointing up, it will cost less than what a new roof laid would cost. Prices can vary from job to job, so make sure you get quotes from several different Roofing firms and get them wrote down so you know which quote comes from which company.