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[Top»] What Is A Property Renderer And Why Should I Use One?

A Property Render is normally a Plasterer who will also render the outside of property. This is because Property Rendering and Plastering are very similar, both jobs require a delicate hand and touch to ensure that there are no leading corners to engrave a line within the Plaster or render. Render in most cases is simple just a sand/cement mixture that is applied to external walls to give a textured feel and look.

In most cases, scaffold or ladders will be required to completely render the whole of one wall, and working neatly at height isn’t as easy as what you may think! So by using a Property Renderer you will not have the hassle of working on scaffold or ladders, or even trying to get an even finish as the Property Renderer will take care of all needs and provide a professional finish.

[Top»] Why Should I Render My Property?

Well, by rendering your property you are adding an extra layer of protection against the weathers harsh conditions, but also making it more customisable as you can paint the render your desired colour, such as white, magnolia, cream.....whatever you fancy! Properties where first rendered as it was a cheaper build, the houses were made from blocks as a supposed to bricks, therefore was unsightly, until somebody came up with the idea of applying a coat to the exterior of the wall that could be painted to spruce up its appearance!

[Top»] How Much Will It Cost To Render My Property?

The cost of Property Rendering can vary dramatically. There are a few different factors that will affect the price of your property been rendered. The first is the area of the wall that needs to be rendered, the bigger the wall the greater the cost as more materials will be required to coat it correctly. The next cost consideration is how many coats of render you require, as the more coats required, the greater the cost will be. Another consideration is whether the wall needs to be damp proofed or not, because if you do require the wall to be dry lined then this will add extra cost to the service.

Most Rendering companies will charge by the job, so no matter how long it takes them to do it, it will cost one flat fee. Ring around a few Rendering companies and get quotes from them all, to see which will give you the best deal.