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[Top»] Why Should I Use A Property Maintenance Operative?

A Property Maintenance Operative is a worker who will carry out many types of different jobs and they are very similar to Handymen. They can take the stress out of job such as lawn cutting, hedge trimming, pointing up brickwork amongst many other things!

It means that the time that you would have spent doing these jobs (especially time consuming jobs such as fence painting!) you can devote to something that you actually want to do as a suppose to having to do it.

[Top»] When Should I Use a Property Maintenance Operative?

Any job that you don’t have time do (such as fence painting or shed creosoting), the Property Maintenance Operative can come around and do it for you. They may also be able to do it quicker than we could because they are used to doing odd jobs every day, they will have found a way that works quickest. Due to the Property Maintenance Operative doing the odd jobs every day, they may also be to do the job more accurately and give a better finish than what we could achieve.

[Top»] How Much Will It Cost?

Well, depending upon what type of job it is that you require doing will depend upon the cost. Some Property Maintenance Operatives can charge by the hour and others by the job. It’s worthwhile asking the Property Maintenance Operative how they charge, by the hour or by the job so that you can be prepared for how much it is likely to cost and then you have also stated to the Property Maintenance Operative what the job is that needs doing.