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[Top»] What is the FPDC?

The Federation of Plasterers and Drywall Contractors (FPDC) is a body that promotes specialist contractors due to their professionalism and expertise. Many Plasterers will join up to the FPDC so that they can carry the accredited FPDC mark, however, certain criteria must be met before the Plasterer will be taken as a member into the FPDC. More information about the FPDC can be found at

[Top»] Why Should I Use a Plasterer?

When you apply the finishing touches to your home or room, you want it to look its best. So why not use a Plasterer? Plasterers will be able to get a smooth finish on a straight wall with no bumpy or lumpy sections that will deflect light differently to the rest of the wall. When you have spent all the money on furnishing your home or room, you don’t want the walls to stand out for the wrong reasons- with high or low spots; you want them to be subtly perfect so that they look clean, flat and natural.

[Top»] When Should I Use a Plasterer?

A Plasterer can be used in several different situations. One of which is if there is a small bump or hole in the wall that needs filling or patching. Once filled, the top layer then needs to be smoothed off and left to dry so that it can be painted at a later date. Another situation when a Plasterer may be needed is if you are changing the floor plan of your house and you would like a wall putting up. Layers of plaster will be required on top of the plasterboard, in order to achieve the smooth surface required for painting.

Another reason a Plasterer may be used is to skim a ceiling or render a wall. If a ceiling has suffered from water damage, then it may have sagged slightly. The Plasterer can remove the damaged section, and then replace it with plasterboard and then skim over and smooth off the new piece to blend in with the rest of the ceiling. A Plasterer will also be able to render walls, so if you have a crack in your wall that needs filling, use a plasterer to ensure that it is done correctly, a Plasterer will also be able to determine if there is any internal damage to wall that is causing a problem to the render.