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[Top»] Why Should I Use a Kitchen Installer?

A great way to ensure that your kitchen has been installed to last is by using a Kitchen Installer. A Kitchen Installer has the experience of fitting many other kitchens, therefore when it comes round to fitting yours, they know where’s best to start and what approach should be took in order to complete your kitchen quickly but securely.

Using a Kitchen Installer will help reduce the possibility of damaging your new kitchen units, be them custom made or flat pack. The Kitchen Installer will also be able to manipulate the units so that they fit correctly and aligned if the floor isn’t level or there is a slight curve in a wall, where us non-practical people may struggle.

A Kitchen Installer may be registered to the Institute of Carpenters ( or the British Wood Federation (, both of which are recognised associations for craftspeople and wood-workers alike can join up to.

[Top»] How Much Will Using a Kitchen Installer Set Me Back?

Well, depending on the quantity of units that you have to install, and the size of the area in which they will be installed. The bigger the area and the more units to fit, the more it will cost. Kitchen Installers will tend to charge by the job, however, some Kitchen Installers may charge by the hour.

[Top»] When Should I Use a Kitchen Installer?

The main time to use a Kitchen Installer is when you have purchased your new kitchen items and you have them stocked (usually against the inside garage wall, right?) and you are waiting to fit them. It may be beneficial to tell the Kitchen Installer when they will be arriving, so they can come the same day (if permissible) or as soon as after that, as a supposed to setting any old date.

We at Decision2day recommend using a Kitchen Installer that is CORGI and/or Gas Safe registered, or use a plumber that is registered accordingly!