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[Top»] Why should I use an Interior Designer?

Well, one of the main reasons for using an interior designer is that they tend to be very creative, which will allow for a change within a room, which is the whole point of decorating, to enhance the appearance of a room? Well, an interior designer can work alongside you, whereby you can express your thoughts and ideas to ensure that the room, once finished, suits you and the house perfectly.

An Interior Designer also has the knowledge of what colour schemes are currently popular, and what are traditional; therefore the Interior Designer will be able to compile a range of ideas alongside your own, to make your room unique, by using a whole range of colours and materials.

An Interior Designer can also save you money by helping you avoid costly mistakes cutting corners!

[Top»] What is the BIID?

The British Institute of Interior Designers is an association group that caters for Interior Designers. The BIID have very strict entry regulations, to ensure that only the best Interior Designers get to carry the BIID accreditation status. The BIID assess a whole range of skills, starting at the training stage, and following them through to ensure that they are professional in their work area, and also so that they gain plenty of experience.

Once accredited, the Interior Designer can then be asked to present some of their recent work, to ensure that they adhere to the guidelines of the BIID. You can find out more information at


[Top»] How much does using an Interior Designer Cost?

Well, the way in which an Interior Designer may charge you is the same as any other trades person or worker. This can either be an a hourly rate, or a job rate, where the hourly rate will mean that you pay the Interior Designer for each hour that they work, therefore the more hours that the Interior Designer works, the more it will cost you. The job rate is a pre-stated, one off figure that will see the job through from start to finish, and it doesn’t matter how long the job takes to complete, the price will still be the same.