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[Top»] Thinking of treating yourself to a Hot Tub?

A Hot Tub is a great way to relax and un-wind after a hard day at work, where you can get away from all the stresses and strains of modern day life. Not only is a Hot Tub great for relaxing in, but they are also a great feature at a house party, especially in the winter when it’s snowing all around and you’re sat in the Hot Tub with your bathing suit on all nice and warm! The majority of Hot Tubs these days come with jets, so they are borderline Hot Tub/Jacuzzi, and these are especially great to relax in, as the jets can stimulate muscles within a particular area, leaving you refreshed, yet relaxed when you have finished in the Hot Tub.

[Top»] How much would a Hot Tub cost?

A Hot Tub is very much like a car, a house or a computer, so depending upon the size of the Hot Tub and its features, it will depend on how much they cost. Inflatable Hot Tubs are available for around £250 to £300; however, base rates for a permanent Hot Tub are around £2000 and upwards, with some of the top of the range Hot Tubs priced at £20,000! So, as with everything, there is something to suit your budget, and depending upon what type of Hot Tub you’re after, it will depend on the cost.

[Top»] Are there any other costs to consider?

Yes, there are. It is worth taking note that it isn’t as simple as just buying the Hot Tub, other costs do come into play. Depending on where you buy your Hot Tub from will depend on the after-sales service that you receive. Some major retailers offer a free delivery and installation on all their Hot Tubs, whereas others may only offer it on Hot Tubs over a certain price and some companies may not offer delivery or installation, so it is always worth checking these two important factors before committing to buy the Hot Tub you have decided upon, after all you don’t want to purchase the Hot Tub and then realise it won’t fit in the back of your vehicle!

On top of this, you then have to think about the running and maintenance costs of your new Hot Tub. Running costs can vary between £2-£5 depending on the size of your Hot Tub and how often it is used, as the more it is used the more power it will consume to heat the water and power the jets. Maintenance costs are relatively low, from as little as £25 (Ph and Chlorine Kit). It is essential to monitor the Ph of your Hot Tub to ensure that it is safe to bathe in; therefore it is necessary to have a Ph tester kit as well as a chlorine kit. These kits will normally last for around 3-4 months; depending upon how often they are used and how often chemicals need to be added.