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If you don’t want the hassle of looking after your garden yourself, as many of us don’t or if you simply don’t have ‘green fingers’, then why not employ the services of a gardener?  These tradespeople will have the knowledge and time to keep your garden just how you like it, allowing you to simply appreciate it.  Although many people like gardening and treat it as their hobby, there are many people that do not and merely cutting the lawn during the summer months in enough for them and luckily there are tradespeople around that will look after your garden for you.  Why not have a look at the tradespeople that are registered on and ask them to call to your home to discuss your requirements with you?  Let them know exactly what you are looking for….it may be that you only want your lawn cutting once or twice a month, or you may want them to take care of your flower beds each week, weeding them and digging the ground over.  Most gardeners will carry out a full service which will provide a whole range of work.