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[Top»] Finding a quality garage door specialist

We wouldn’t be doing the best we can for the businesses that are on our site, if we didn’t suggest you look at the approved tradespeople that are registered on decision2day…….but remember to check out their ratings.  If you are unsure about anyone registered on our site, why not give us a call on 0113 366 3310 and ask our customer service team about them.  Do you know anyone that should be registered on our website, if you do why not let them know about us?  Once you have chosen a few garage door specialists, that are either local to you or have been rated the best, ask them to call at your property and discuss your requirements with them.  As the idea of fitting a garage door is basically ‘fitting a door into a space’, its always wise to ask a garage door specialist to call at your home before your garage is built, as this will save unnecessary time and money should the space to fit your garage door simply…..not fit. 

[Top»] The Association of Garage Door Specialists

The Association of Garage Door Specialists, the AGDS, provides quality garage door supply and installation service by association.  They believe, as do decision2day, that customers would get no guarantee whatsoever, if they chose a rogue trader or unreliable tradesperson to carry out the installation of their garage door.   The alarming truth is that happens more often than we would like.  This is one of the reasons why the UK’s leading garage door installers have combined to form The Association of Garage Door Specialists.  The result is a guarantee of customer advice, care and assurance unsurpassed in the industry and supported by all the leading garage door and operator manufacturers.  For further information on this, please log on to


[Top»] What style of garage door is available?

There are quite a few options of garage doors available to you, to match both your budget and style. You'll be able to find the right styles, designs, finishes and sizes – from leading brands like Cardale, Garador, Henderson, Homesafe, Hormann and Wessex, to name but a few.  Popular styles are the canopy and the retractable garage door, although there are many others. 


The ‘canopy’ is available with single doors. The door uses rollers that run along vertical tracks for movement and a horizontal spring attached to cable drums to provide lift.  One-third of the door will project outside the garage space when fully open, creating the ‘canopy’ effect.  


The ‘retractable’ garage door, is ideal for single and double garages.  Door rollers run along two horizontal tracks fixed to the top of the door frame. These tracks project back into the ceiling space of the garage.  This enables the door to open and then slide away (retract) almost completely into the garage space, hence the term retractable garage door. 


As with many things we buy, there are many choices of materials that your door could be made out of, most commonly use materials will be either timber or PVC, however composite materials are readily available and are becoming more and more popular and homeowners searching for a high-quality door that has the beauty of real wood at an affordable price may choose this alternative option.  These doors are lighter in weight than wood and made with a durable advanced wood fibre composite skin that doesn’t dent, rust or de-laminate.  They also have a very competitive price tag and an energy-efficient core, making them a cost-saving choice for homeowners

[Top»] Automatic Garage Doors

Imagine the sheer luxury of approaching your garage in the pouring rain and simply opening the garage door by the touch of a button on your in car remote control?  No more rushing towards the door, rain coming down, with you having to manually lift the garage door up…..imagine the luxury this would bring?  There are many companies throughout Yorkshire that would happily call to see you and discuss your requirements with you and some will even be able to sort out the electrical section for you, as this will be needed if you intend to have automatic garage doors.  Like manually garage doors, there are many designs to choose from – why not nip to a showroom or ask for a brochure and have a look at the choices that are available to you.  The garage doors usually come with two remote controls, extra remote controls can usually be bought as an extra feature and the door latches and locks automatically on closing, even in the event of a power failure.  Automating your existing garage doors could cost a little as £300.00, making garage door electric operators a pleasantly affordable luxury which can be installed onto up and over type doors, folding sectional doors, traditional hinged doors and roller shutters.


[Top»] Maintaining your Garage Door

You’ve no doubt heard the saying……..‘prevention is better than cure’ and we all know that many problems would not necessarily happen if we maintained what we had.  On a busy day your garage doors may open and close 20 times a day and a six month or even an annual check on your automated garage doors will hopefully prevent any malfunction and keep them in perfect working order.  Always ask a qualified technician to have a look at the motor of the garage door and replace any broken parts, checking any warranties or guarantees first. 


Manual garage doors will also appreciate a general check up, but this can easily be carried out by yourself.  Check the rollers and replace any that are worn or broken.  Lubricate any moving parts with motor oil.  A general clean of the exterior with a mild detergent will help keep the doors in good condition and if there is any exposed timber, be sure to paint it.


Look after your garage door and take basic maintenance steps and it will provide carefree convenience for many years to come.  Always check the maintenance guide that would have been provided by your supplier for individual, specific advice.