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[Top»] What Should I Know About Fire Places?

Well, to start with, did you know that there are 3 main different fuelling methods for a fire? There is Gelled-Alcohol Fuel which burns clear, is free of toxins and doesn’t separate whether it is hot or cold and can burn for hours. Fire’s that use Gelled-Alcohol as their fuel can be used as both a functional and decorative ornament in any house, apartment or office reception.

There are also solid fuel fires, which use coal and wood that burn to provide the heat. There are many different fireplace surrounds that can be used with a solid fuel fire. Some of the most popular fireplaces are a Masonry Fireplace, where a small fire is lit in the centre of a stone built fireplace, the idea is to have the fire burning as hot as possible, but for a small time so that the stone retains the heat and then radiates it throughout the day. Other Solid Fuel fireplaces are your wood burning stone, which is a free standing box like structure where the wood and coal is then burnt inside. The conventional fireplace consists of an inset into the wall with a griddle mounted on stone or ceramics at the base of the inset. The solid fuel is then placed on the griddle and lit when required.

As well as the Gelled-Alcohol and the Solid Fuel fires, there are also gas fires, where the majority of fireplaces are of the conventional style. Where the gas is brought into the base of the fire and then ignited by a piezoelectric actuator that provides a spark in order to ignite the gas.

[Top»] Why Should I Invest In A New Fire Place

There are many different reasons why it could be an ideal opportunity to replace your current fireplace. A new fireplace can brighten up any room and can change the atmosphere completely! As well as changing the atmosphere in a room, the new fireplace may also save you money in the long term. If you are considering replacing your gas fire, then a new fire could also save you on running costs as the new fires are more efficient!

Another key reason to install a new fire is that the previous one isn’t safe. If you have a gas fire then there may be a small gas leak on the unit itself that cannot be rectified which means that the fireplace will have to be replaced. Or, if you have a solid fuel burner, it may have been used so often and over a certain amount of years, the condition of the fireplace is letting your homely room down, so it is time for a change.

[Top»] Are There Any Regulations That Need to Be Considered?

Well, there are a few regulations in place to ensure that the fireplace that you want to fit is suitable for the room that it will be in. There are also regulations on how and where fuel can be stored. There are currently two different documents that highlight the regulations, there is a 2002 version which is currently been used, and the 2010 version which will be enforced from 1st October 2010. If you wish to read the 2010 version it can be found at

If you are dealing with a Gas fire, then it is recommended that you have a Gas Safe Registered Plumber to carry out the work. Under the Competence Persons scheme, only a competent person can carry out gas or electric work, therefore to ensure that the Gas appliance is fitted correctly ensure that you use a Gas Safe Registered Plumber.

[Top»] How Much Will A New Fireplace Cost?

The cost of a new fireplace can depend entirely upon what type of fireplace you go for. If you buy a gas fire with a wooden surround it could cost around £500, however, if you went for a more elaborate surround design out of marble, with a different designed fire, it could cost up to £1,000 maybe more. There are so many variants of a fireplace, it is hard to give an exact figure of what it would cost, but there is a fireplace out there to suit everybody’s budget.

As well as the cost of buying a fireplace, also consider the cost of the installation. A Plumber will either charge by the hour or by the job, but ring around to get quotes from different Plumbers to get the best price. An installation could cost between £60 to £100, but these are only a rough ball park figure! Get a quote for your installation, as every installation is slightly different.

[Top»] How Much Are Typical Running Costs For Fireplaces Available Today?

Gas Fires- Well, depending upon what your current gas rate is will depend on how much the running cost will work out to be. Some fires can be run for as little as 3p to 4p per hour, whereas other, higher output fires may run at 14p per hour depending upon what heat setting you have it on.

Wood (log) burners – Depending on how often you use the wood burner will depend on how much timber you will need. If you are friends with somebody who has a lot of felled trees that they want to get rid of, you may be able to strike a deal and get the timber cheaply, as then you are helping a friend get rid of timber, and they are helping you out having it cheaply! If you have to buy your timber, then the running costs are around 14p to 16p per hour, but obviously if you get your timber at discounted rates then this will be a lot lower.

Gelled-Alcohol Fires- Depending on how greater the heat output is will depend on the cost of running it, however, a typical gel-fire with a 3.7kw output will cost between £1.60 to £2.60 per hour to run.