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[Top»] Reasons for having a fence………

There are many reasons why you might decide to erect a fence in your garden or around your home and these will be the main determining factors as to the style, type, cost, material and height of your fence. In general, people choose to erect a fence for privacy, security or to add the finishing touches to their garden. You may want to keep potential intruders out and keep young children and pets in. You may be seeking more privacy from your neighbours and also to define your boundary lines more clearly. If added security is you’re after, you’ll want to ensure that your fence is tall enough and sturdy enough to keep potential intruders out and for privacy, you’ll be looking for a fence which people can’t see through. As for decoration, you may want a fence with trellises whereby you can train plants and creepers to grow around.

There are many different styles of fences to choose from. Depending on its purpose, a fence can be constructed from chain link to concrete, but generally wooden fences are often used as they make the best option for the garden as they comprise all of the basic features people would tend to go for as well as blending into your garden more appropriately as well as into your surrounding neighbourhood environment.

[Top»] Establishing your boundaries…..

If the purpose for erecting a fence is to establish your boundaries, then make sure you have got them right. Check your household deeds to clearly establish exactly where your boundaries lie as confrontation with your neighbours and the subsequent removal of your very expensive fence could prove to be a very unhappy and very costly affair. When you consider the options of style or type of fence that is available to you, bear in mind any maintenance work that you will be required to carry out. Will you need to access the fence from your neighbours garden, have you spoken to them and confirmed that they are happy with you doing this – these points may seem simple and obvious, but its surprising how awkward those easy neighbours have suddenly turned out to be.

[Top»] Finding a quality and professional fence erector….

We wouldn’t be in business, if we didn’t suggest you look at the approved tradespeople that are registered on decision2day…….but remember to check out their ratings. If you are unsure about anyone registered on our site, why not give us a call on 0113 366 3310 and ask our customer service team about them. Do you know anyone that should be registered on our website, if you do why not let them know about us? Once you have chosen a few fence erectors, that are either local to you or have been rated the best, ask them to call at your property and discuss your requirements with them. Its always best to ask them to call at your home before they give you a price for the work, as they need to see where the fence is going, how much work is involved and give you a price accordingly. Ask to see some samples or books showing the choices of fencing that is available to you. Agree a start date and let them commence the work as agreed between yourselves.

[Top»] What if I want to erect the fence myself?

For those DIY enthusiasts, here are a few basic tips on erecting your own fence. As with all advice given by decision2day, we always suggest that you discuss the best way to erect your fence with the company that you have bought your wooden panels or fencing from, as they will be the best people to offer advice in making the erection of your fence easier and simpler.

Before you buy your fencing materials, make sure that you comply with any local planning rules, in particular the height of your fencing panels. If you are unsure, why not contact your local planning authority, give them your address and ask them if there is any reason why you are unable to erect your fence. Your local planning authority can be found by logging onto the

As a formality always check that there are no cables or wires immediately beneath where your fence is going to be placed. You wouldn’t want to disconnect some garden lights or something worse.

You also need to consider how you’re going to fix your fence into the ground. Wooden posts are probably quicker to install but they’ll rot over time, therefore if you don’t want to replace your fence, concrete posts are much sturdier but are not very aesthetically pleasing to some people. Once you have established your choice of fencing posts, it’s a simple case of fixing all of the posts at the correct distances apart to accommodate your panels. In terms of cost and time, the fewer posts you need, the least number of panels you will need, therefore resulting in less cost and time to yourself. Please remember the least amount of panels you use, the weaker your fence will be. Your fence may lose its shape and strength after a while, if you do not fit it properly and use the correct amount of materials. Be careful not to sit the fence panels near the ground or the soil as this may cause rotting to the panels over time. Once you have fitted your panels to your fencing posts, give your fence a once over with some form of wooden stain to protect your fence against the elements, especially over the winter months.

[Top»] Other forms of fencing…..

As with most products that are available to the consumer, there is always an alternative, especially at a time when most people are so concerned with the environment…….so why not try another material for your fence? PVC-u and plastic fencing are becoming ever increasingly popular and along with new advance composite materials such as ‘supalite’ and other recycled materials, the consumer has plenty of the earths natural resources to choose from. Supalite fencing is made out of 88% recycled PVC-u with an outer skin which is uva stable and colour fast with a minimum life of 15 years. UPC-u fences are generally lighter, they will not crack and chip like concrete posts and require no annual maintenance. Another feature of the this kind of fence is that it is dual faced, therefore giving a perfect look to both your side of the fence and also the your neighbours.