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[Top»] Energy Saving Home Improvements

Reducing our energy bills is good for the environment and good for our bank accounts, especially with the ever rising cost of fuel. decision2day energy and environment guide will highlight ways you can make your home more energy efficient and with some simple energy saving home improvements, you can save money, improve the comfort and warmth of your home and help fight climate change. An energy efficient house makes sense – it’s cheaper to run and with compulsory Home Information Packs (HIP’s) now having to be provided when you sell your home, it will be a key selling point if you do decide to see your house.

There are so many ways to improve the energy efficiency within your home. Why not visit the government’s energy efficiency website for more information on how to improve your home to fight the climate changes – please use the link to find out more.


[Top»] Insulating your home – what can you do?

Because around half of heat loss in a typical home is through the walls and loft, it’s worth checking whether yours are insulated. Did you know that around a third of all heat loss in an un-insulated home is lost through walls? Cavity wall insulation is a fantastic way to significantly reduce the amount of energy that you need in your home and could save you a few hundred pounds a year on fuel bills. Why not check out our approved tradespeople – use the search option to find a cavity wall insulation team in your area

Other ways to save money on your fuel bills are insulating your floors – gaps and draughts around the skirting boards and floors are very easy to fix yourself. Simply pick up a tube of sealant from a DIY store – simply fill in those gaps – you will be surprised how much you can save.

Loft insulation is another way to save money – did you know if everyone in the UK topped up their loft insulation to 270mm, we could save around £710m each year in fuel bills?

By simply adopting basic draught proofing measures around your home, you could save yourself hundreds of pounds each year – why not fit a brush to your letterbox or wrap a cylinder jacket around your hot water tank? These ideas are minimal but can save you lots of money and they do help the environment.

If you know about these money saving ideas, but are struggling to find the cash to do these upgrades, you may be eligible for government grants – have a look at the grant that are available. There are many grants available right now and even if you are not eligible for the whole amount, you may be offered some discount in any case – it’s always worth a try. Check out information provided by decision2day – click here for further information

[Top»] Under £20 solutions

Although there are many ways in which you can save energy which cost you nothing, for a small outlay you can save even more. Energy saving bulbs don’t cost a lot and can save you money throughout the year. Fit a few individual radiator thermostats and put some reflective foil behind your radiators to keep as much heat as possible in the room. There is really no excuse not to be using them, they are readily available in your supermarkets and DIY stores, so nip out and get some today!