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[Top»] Why should I use a Drains Maintenance & Repair Engineer?

The biggest reason to use a Drains Maintenance and Repair Engineer is that they have equipment that wouldn’t be worth you buying to check your drains or diagnose a fault. Drains Maintenance and Repair Engineers are equipped with a series of tools such as CCTV inspection kits, hoists, pulleys, cleaning equipment and even tankers.

If you need a drain cleaning out then it would be worth sourcing a Drains Maintenance and Repair Engineer so that the job is done correctly and that possible damage to the drains is minimised.

The Drain Maintenance and Repair Engineer can also suck out debris from the drain using their tankers, whereas I doubt a household vacuum would do the same!

[Top»] How much does it cost?

Well, depending of the service that you are after depends on the cost of the service. If you require a CCTV inspection, this will be priced differently to a jet clean or CCTV and a jet clean.

Then, it will add to the cost if any repair work needs to be conducted such as a new pump or a new pipe due to the old one having fractured or collapsed.

If the drain is blocked for whatever reason and requires a vacuum, then this will incur another charge, so ultimately, the cost depends on what services you require from Drains Maintenance and Repair Engineer.

[Top»] When should I use a Drains Maintenance and Repairs Engineer?

A Drains Maintenance and Repair Engineer should be used whenever there are underlying problems with your drainage system, this may be a backlog of sewage or a pungent smell, a quick call to a Drains Maintenance & Repair Engineer and you soon maybe in a smell-free environment.