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[Top»] Why choose decking?

For many people choosing decking for their garden allows them to extend their living space, which they can then enjoy at any time. Just step out of the house and you are on a comfortable relaxing surface. Decking provides the perfect place for entertaining, allowing you to enjoy long leisurely alfresco meals on those balmy summer evenings and provides a safe environment for children to play. Good, quality decking looks stylish and blends in with the environment and suits traditional and contemporary homes. It is a product that a last a lifetime, therefore providing value for money. It is easy to look after and can be stained, painted or left to weather naturally.

[Top»] What is decking?

Decking is a timber framed and decked area built off the ground away from the cold and damp and transforms outside spaces into practical and stylish outdoor areas. Any sun warms and dries the boards quickly, the heat permeates the whole area and makes it comfortable to use.

The timber deck is constructed like a false floor, which makes an outside space on the same level as the interior. This creates the perfect solution for sloping sites, uneven ground and old, worn out patios. With a little bit of prior thought and preparation, under deck storage can be created to incorporate garden tables, chairs and other furniture that needs to be indoors for winter. Decking can also be designed to incorporate mature trees or established wall climbers and flowers. The materials create minimal mess and once installed requires little to no maintenance.

[Top»] Can I design my own decking area?

Of course you can……all decking is individually designed to suit your home and your taste. Professional decking specialists will be able to offer ideas, incorporate your own thoughts and wishes and build the kind of decking that you are happy with. It may be quite simple, with straight edges following the contours and shape of your house or it can be designed with curves, patterns, custom made balustrades and could also include steps and even lights. Decking is the perfect solution for roof terraces and balconies.

[Top»] What is decking made from?

Generally decking is made from timber, hardwoods and softwoods, but there are many choices available, each with advantages and disadvantages. Ask your decking specialist for advice.

Hardwood timber is the hardest wearing timber available because it comes from older growth trees and it is harder to come by than softwood, such as pine. Woods like jarrah and ironbark are usually the most expensive alternative. As a general rule, hardwood will last longer and are termite resistant.

The most popular timber material is pine, which is a softwood, but there are other softwoods around, such as douglas fir. When treated, softwood is hard wearing and suitable for any decking area. Although it is generally paler in colour than hardwood, it can be stained to fit in with your colour schemes and garden.

For an alternative, what about using decking tiles? Tiles can give the effect of decking, but are built over the top of an existing flat surface like a concrete slab. The tiles are generally square and are locked together without nails or glue. This means that unlike other forms of decking, you could install this yourself. Advantages of this kind of decking area is that it can be moved at a later date if so desired.

As we are all concerned about the environment and are constantly looking at ways to improve energy, synthetic materials are quickly gaining popularity and one of the latest trends in decking is the use of "composite" materials. Made from a blend of recycled plastic and wood, composite decks offer homeowners a virtually maintenance-free deck.