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[Top»] What is the BBSA and what does it do?

The British Blind and Shutter Association are the UK’s body for blind production, representing over 400 companies that manufacture or supply exterior and interior blinds, they also cover suppliers if awnings, security grills and motor control systems.

The BBSA takes the role of ensuring the highest quality of products from their members  while maintaining the standards of service and fair trade through out the blind manufacturing and supplying industry.

Each member of the association has to adhere to a strict code of practise. To find out more about the BBSA and their roles use this link to access their website where you can obtain plenty of useful tips and advice.

[Top»] Why should I use a Curtain & Blind supplier?

A curtain and blind supplier can give you advise on what colour schemes go and don’t. They can also do all the measuring and searching for you which means far less stress in finding that perfect pair of curtains or blind.

Curtain and blind suppliers will have a large Varity of products available to you, with one that’s bound to suit your budget and taste.

Buying new curtains or blinds could transform a room dramatically, from black out curtains and blinds that stop all light entering the room, to those that let the light stream in, what ever your room needs a curtain and blind supplier will have it.

Many suppliers will offer made to measure services, which entails a fitter measuring the window you want the curtains or blinds for and fitting them which means less hassle and a correctly fitting blind or curtains.

[Top»] How much does it cost?

Prices vary greatly depending on the size of the window the curtains/ blind are needed for and the length of them. Prices will also vary due to the fabric that the curtains/blinds are made out of. Dearer fabrics include silk and textured natural fabric. Prices will also vary if the curtains are lined or unlined and the thickness of the fabric used will also affect the price of curtains and blinds. Blinds can be made out of several things including wood and fabric, each will vary in price due to the quality of the material used.

[Top»] When should I use a Curtain & Blind Supplier?

Curtains and blinds can offer the perfect finishing touches to a room, changing them can change the whole feel to the room.

A curtain and blind supplier can offer the perfect services with measuring and fitting which is convenient and easy. If you’ve been looking for that perfect blind or curtains to go with your interior they can offer you help and advice needed on choosing the right one for your house or office.