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[Top»] Why do I need a carpet fitter - I can do it myself.

Installing carpets is not as easy as it seems – it is a task that requires a lot of effort and as with all trades, you also need the right tools for the job.  From a financial point of view you will be further forward if you decide to fit the carpet yourself, but it you have spent a lot of money on your carpet, then don’t you want it to look right?

Carpet Fitters will turn up and do the job in half the time, allowing you to continue with your day.  It always helps your carpet fitter if you remove as many personal belongings and occasional furniture out of the room that you can, but usually they will give you a hand in moving heavy furniture.

[Top»] If you are going to fit the carpet yourself - here are a few tips.

The time frame for laying a carpet will depend on the size and quality of your carpet.  Before you can begin laying down the new carpet you first must get rid of any old carpet that you have on the floor. Take care when you are ripping up the old carpet as you may be able to reuse the carpet pad and the nail strips that are underneath if they are still in good condition. Once you have pulled up and disposed of the old carpet you are going to need to vacuum the area to make sure that all of the small carpet particles are gone and you have a clean work surface.  If you are laying a carpet down on a floor of a new house, pay particular attention to any plaster that might be on the floor – use a hard brush and plenty of hot soapy water to remove the plaster as failure to do this will leave little hard lumps under the carpet and once you have taken the time to fit the carpet you will not be happy if you have to take it back up to sort these problems out.

You will need tools such as a staple gun, scissors, utility knife, nail strips and carpet pad if the old ones were unusable, hammer, nails, and seam tape.  You may need to hire some knee pads, a knee kicker and a carpet stretcher tool too.

If you are using your old nail strips then a lot of your work is removed as the strips will already be in place, however, if you have bought new ones, then you will need to nail them around the room where you are fitting the new carpet.  When cutting the carpet for the room, always leave approximately 3 to 5 inches more than you need to give you some extra carpet should complications arise.  When you are laying down the carpet you will need to use the knee kicker to attach the carpet to the nail strips.

Decision2day would advise everyone to always follow the instructions from the manufacturer and any instructions on the tools before laying a carpet and suggest proper safety equipment is also worn when you are attempting any project.

[Top»] What kind of carpet should I buy?

As with many projects, you need the right product for the right job and buying a new carpet is no different. You will need to ask yourself……….how many people will be using my carpet, for example is the carpet for a hallway or a bedroom?  You will usually need a better quality carpet for a hallway, due to the amount of people using it, rather than the bedroom.  If you are buying for the children’s room, then what about a stain resistant carpet, it maybe that you have small children, which in that case you will need a soft, comfortable carpet, that is going to be more gentle on their little knees.

You will also need to think about colour – this is a major consideration, after all this carpet has to last you a few years so you need to get it right.  The carpet covers the majority of your room and will play a major part in the décor of the room. It may also be a factor should you decide to sell your home. If you are planning on moving in the near future, it’s always wise to choose a natural colour, like a beige or a cream shade. Laying a carpet that is bright pink, for instance might go with your floral curtains, but if you are contemplating moving, then it may not go with the new owner’s stripy sofa. Plain carpets make a room look bigger, so bear this in mind if your room is not as big as you would like it to be.

Talk to your local carpet dealer about the positive and negative aspects of each type of carpet. You can visit local stores and check out samples of various types of carpet. You have a lot of options when buying a carpet, so take time and make sure you make the right decision2day.

[Top»] What kind of carpets or floor coverings are there?

There are many kinds or carpets available…… are a few of the most commonly used floor coverings. An Axminster Carpet is a machine-woven carpet where an enormous variety of colors are used to produce colorful patterns. A Berber Carpet is a term used to describe a carpet that has the off-white, loop style yarns, which can vary from large nubby ones to smaller styles. Berbers can come in all colours. For something a little more eye-catching and modern, what about putting down some Cork Flooring - this is one of the most resilient floor coverings. The flooring is made from the bark of cork oak trees, a replenishable material.  Cork flooring is available all natural shades.

[Top»] How can I go 'environmentally green' simply by laying a carpet?

If you are really environmentally conscious, then why not choose bamboo flooring? More and more people are environmentally conscious, which has subsequently caused an explosion in the popularity of bamboo flooring. Bamboo is not a wood, although as hard as wood, no in fact, Bamboo is a hollow grass, which is considered to be a hollow source because it grows so rapidly, replenishing itself. Bamboo can reach maturity in 5 – 6 years and can grow up to 80 feet high.

Bamboo is critical in emitting oxygen into the atmosphere, generating more oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees does. Bamboo lowers light intensity and protects against ultraviolet rays, while acting as an atmospheric and soil purifier. In other words, bamboo is a plentiful natural resource and a viable alternative to deforestation of the world's trees. Choose a bamboo floor and you are helping to curb the problem of global warming.

Don’t worry though, if you install a bamboo floor, you aren’t suddenly going to walk into your living room and be surrounded by 80 foot bamboo trees - when bamboo goes through the manufacturing process to become flooring, the bamboo becomes hard enough to be made into solid and engineered floor planks. Bamboo flooring is merely an alternative to wooden floors and you could install bamboo flooring in the same area that you would install a wooden floor. As with a wooden floor, bamboo will scratch so be careful which one to choose. Why not stain your new bamboo floor or like many other people, you may decide to leave it natural in colour?

Bamboo is generally installed just like a wooden floor too, so you don’t need anyone that is specially trained, although they may seem surprised at your choice – just remind them that you are helping with the environment and maybe they too will follow your decision too.