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[Top»] Why should I use a Burglar Alarm Engineer?

The main reason that a Burglar Alarm is installed is to protect your property. So why run the risk of it not been installed correctly? A Burglar Alarm Engineer can locate precisely where the sensors for your alarm need to be positioned in order for your alarm to function effectively. You may think that you can install your own alarm, and you may competent enough to do so, however will it be installed so that it is effective as possible? A Burglar Alarm Engineer will probably have years of previous experience and will know the various different models of alarm boxes, so can therefore fit it quicker and with less hassle than what you may be able to.

[Top»] How much does it cost?

Well, as with many things, it depends on what alarm system you go for. Obviously the more advanced system will inevitably cost more and the simpler alarm will be cheaper. Depending on the complexity of the alarm that you have chosen to have installed, will depend how much the labour/fitting charge is. The more complex the alarm box, the longer it may take to install, therefore the more it will cost. On average, it can take anything up to and over 7 hours to install some alarms.

[Top»] When should I use a Burglar Alarm Engineer?

If you are having problems with your alarm working, if it has a mind of its own and sounding intermittently for no reason, then maybe it’s the time to look to replace it. Burglar Alarm Engineers are available to completely overhaul your current system and make suggestions such as replace certain components, or it may be more appropriate to have a complete new system installed.

 A Burglar Alarm Engineer may save you a fair amount of money by diagnosing a faulty part and replacing that part only, instead of having to have a complete new alarm system installed.

[Top»] What is the NSI?

The National Security Inspectorate (NSI) is an over-looking body of the security and fire industry. The NSI aims to provide a quality assurance trademark whereby the customer can be reassured that the company who is installing their fire or security system is a professional outfit that delivers a quality service. The NSI ensure that all of the staff working for a specific company are security checked, that the company has comprehensive insurance to cover both staff and customers and also that the company meets all technical performances marks for both the British and European Standards. If you wish to find out more information about the NSI, or look up a company to see if they are NSI registered you can find their website at!