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[Top»] What is the FMB?

The Federation of Master Builders (FMB) is a federation that represents all different types of people that are involved with construction, mainly builders. They provide a service in promoting their members by protecting their interests, promoting them as dependable and professional individuals and providing services to help them support their business.

[Top»] Why Should I Use A Building Restorer?

Well, if your house is looking slightly dilapidated and needs some TLC but you don’t have the time to work on then a Building Restoration Firm may be able to help. They have the resources possible to completely overhaul your building and ensure that it is safe to live in again. As well as having the resources available they also know the building regulations in place that have to be adhered to, to ensure that your house property is safe.

[Top»] When Should I Use a Builder Restorer?

If you are in possession of an old house that is slowly crumbling away, a Building Restoration Company may be able to restore your property back to its natural glory before the property becomes too un-safe to live in.  The Building Restoration Company will understand that only certain stone can be used in certain areas to ensure that the ‘new build’ area stays in character with rest of the property.

[Top»] How Much Would A Building Restoration Company Charge?

This is a really open ended question as the cost can depend entirely upon what work is undertaken from the Building Restoration Company. The best way to get an idea of how much it will cost to have the building restored, is to phone round a few companies and get quotes from each company.

[Top»] What’s The Difference Between A Building Restoration Company And A Builder?

Well, the key difference is that a Building Restorer knows what type of materials can be used so that the area that has been repaired fits in with the theme of the rest of the house. Another way that a Builder differs from a Building Restoration Company is that they don’t know what the internal decor where as the Building Restorer is a specialist within that area.