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[Top»] How much wardrobe space will I need?

Ok, so you have sorted out which type of furniture you would like, now you have to determine how much space you will actually need. Have a think about what you would like to store and how you would like to store your clothes. Don’t be fooled by the old cliché, that women have far more clothes then men…….that’s not necessarily true. Women have more clothes that ‘hang up’ so you may need more hanging space rather than drawers, for example. If your wardrobe plans include more than two sets of drawers, you may probably end up with wasted space – you only need the drawers for underwear afterall. A good bedroom designer will discuss your requirements and plan your wardrobes accordingly.

[Top»] Bespoke Bedroom Furniture

All fitted bedroom furniture are individually designed, even those you buy from a high street store. They may use basic profiles, but they are designed to fit your personal requirements. There are many designs of bedroom furniture from a standard wardrobe interior for clothes and shoes to sliding wardrobe doors, incorporating other new ideas, like toys, televisions, hi-fi’s, computers and even office storage.

[Top»] A few tips when buying bedroom furniture

Visit several fitted bedroom showrooms before deciding on your fitted bedroom, so you can compare the costs and quality of them. Look at the finishing touches and details of the fitted bedrooms in the showrooms. Always get a few quotes from different companies, as with any project and compare any extra charges such as insurance, fitted bedroom design or delivery. Try to avoid paying a deposit of more than 25% for your fitted bedroom as with fitted furniture, it’s not completed until it’s fitted, remember you are not buying free standing furniture. Ensure you are covered if the bedroom fitters damage your carpets or decorations while fitting your bedroom. Finally don’t pay in full until you are fully happy as this can put you in an awkward position if things go wrong.

[Top»] What can I expect a bedroom installation to cost?

As with most trades, the price of fitting bedroom furniture can vary dramatically. For example a tradesperson in London would cost more than a tradesperson in Edinburgh. This is because their overheads will be high, the costs of business rates, travel, materials all will most likely be significantly greater than those trades people that are based elsewhere. Obviously the size and quantity of wardrobes that are to be fitted will alter the price dramatically, therefore decision2day always suggest you obtain a few quotes before entering into a contract or verbal agreement.