frequently asked questions

FAQS Sheet Consumer

  1. Can I just call the tradesman direct?
  2. Of course you can.  There are many other websites like on the market but there are not many where you can simply find a telephone number of a reliable and professional tradesman and give them a call.  Not all the work you want completing can be posted on a Post A Job form and just sit and wait for the tradesman to contact you.  A leaking tap for example needs attention there and then so if you need to contact a tradesman quickly then of course you can.  Simply look up the trade you want, input your town or area and choose the tradesman you want to call, using our 5 star rating system.   All our tradesmen are rated using our 5 star rating system, which consists of the following KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators).  These are Promptness – Quality of work – Value for Money – Courtesy & Tidiness.

  3. How do I Post A Job?
  4. It’s simple and only takes a few moments.  Simply visit our home page for further information or click here and you will be redirected to the Post A Job page.  Here you will find a simple form where we request a few details on the work you require completing.  Tell us when you would like the job to start and in what area it is in.  Don’t forget to leave a contact number so that the tradesmen can contact you.  If you are not sure what kind of trade you will need just tick this box and we will do the rest for you.  You will be asked to register with us if you have not used us before.  Your information is only displayed to the tradesman that you have chosen to respond to your lead or enquiry.    

  5. Are my details public?
  6. When you register with us, we keep your details on file and do not pass them onto anyone else.  The only way your details are passed on is when you input them yourselves on the Post A Job form and this is because you would like tradesmen to contact you regarding the work you have posted onto the website.  

  7. Are the Post A Job and Find A Tradesman service free?
  8. Yes both services are free.  Simply decide whether you wish to Find A Tradesman and give them a call or if you would rather post the details using our Post A Job facility.  Both services are simple and easy to use and provide a clear and transparent way of searching for the right tradesman for the job.   You will be required to register with us to post details of your job but not for simply finding a tradesman.

  9. What happens after I have posted a job or found a tradesman?
  10. Depending on the service you have chosen, there are two avenues that your search will take.  If you have contacted the tradesman direct, there is really no process to follow.  If you are happy to use the tradesman, tell them that you found them on this website and don’t forget to leave them some feedback when the job is completed.   To leave feedback you simply locate them on the website and leave feedback using the links under their star ratings.  You have to register with us to leave feedback but by doing so you create your own user account with us, which provides historical information on your past searches and which tradesmen you have used in the past.  If you decide to Post A Job, once you have completed the form, your details are circulated amongst the tradesmen you have chosen and they will respond to you directly.  As you have to register with us to Post A Job, you will create your own user account with us.  Here you will then find all information on your past searches, the jobs that you have posted, your feedback and who you chose to do the work.  Once you have found a tradesman or company to carry out the work, please close the job as this will remove the job off the tradesmen’s profile and they will no longer contact you.  Until you close the job down, tradesmen may continue to contact you.  Finally as with our Find A Tradesman service, once the work is completed please take a few moments to leave feedback for the tradesman in question.  

  11. Will it help if I put more information on my form?
  12. If you put more information on the Post A Job form it will help the tradesman to provide a more accurate price, enabling you to make a more informed decision.  Most of the time the tradesman will have to visit your property to provide you with a more accurate price, however the more information they have at the time, will make the job much easier.  It all depends on the work you need doing.  For example, if you looking to build an extension then the tradesman will want to visit you and view the property, however if you wanted a set of wardrobes fitting, should you be able to provide sizes etc, the tradesman should be able to provide a realistic figure.  This will at least allow you to take the next step, should you wish.

  13. What makes one tradesman better than the other?
  14. The answer is simple….by reading the feedback of each tradesman or company listed on you will be able to make a proactive, informed decision on the tradesman by reading their up to date customers references.  Read the reviews carefully as they have all been provided freely by customers that have actually used the tradesmen in question.  Look at the dates of the latest reviews and if you are still unsure, give the tradesman a call and speak to them.  Ask for a contact number of a previous customer and speak direct to them.  The more information you know about a tradesman, the better.  It’s not always the case of price that makes a tradesman better than another, you don’t necessarily contract the better tradesman because they are more expensive, they may simply have higher overheads and may be VAT registered.  Please remember that not every tradesman or company has to be VAT registered.   Until a company hits a certain level, registering for VAT is optional.  For example, a garden landscaper may not hit the VAT threshold and therefore he may not have chosen to register for VAT.  Always check your quotes before you make any decision.  

  15. I have found a tradesman I would like to use?  What do I do next?
  16. If you have found a tradesman of your choice, then you will simply contract them to carry out the works for you.  If you have found your tradesman by using the Post A Job Facility, again, the tradesman should have provided you with their contact details but just in case, once you received interest from a tradesman there will be a link direct to their profile on the website, whereby you can find further information about your chosen tradesman.   Any agreements are then purely between yourself and the tradesman of your choice. 

  17. How do I cancel a job that I have posted?
  18. To cancel a job that you have posted onto the website is easy.  Once you have logged into your account (your area), you will click on the link ‘View my posted jobs’ and click on the icon to the right of the screen and remove the job from your account.  This will now prevent any other tradesman from contacting you.   If you prefer you can contact us direct using the link ‘contact decision2day’ and provide the information to us and we can do it for you.

  19. How do I leave feedback?
  20. Leaving feedback is very important and it is what this website is all about.  And feedback can only be left by the customers that have used the tradesman.  It is imperative that feedback is left and we implore you to take a few moments and leave some feedback for your chosen tradesman.  This is regardless as to whether you used the ‘Find A Tradesman’ or the ‘Post A Job’ service.   We do remind our tradesmen to ask you to kindly visit the website and leave your review but sometimes they do forget, so if you would like any help in leaving feedback, once again, log into your area and either use the link from the job that you posted or contact us direct, again using the link on your account.   If you know the tradesman by name you can simply log into their profile on the website and in the top right hand side, under their star ratings, you simply use the links provided and leave your review.

  21. What if I am unhappy with the service my tradesman has provided?
  22. If you are unhappy with your chosen tradesman, in the first instance speak to them direct.  Sometimes disputes occur over the simplest of issues and sometimes the other party might not even know there is something wrong.  If the tradesman has left the project unfinished or untidy, give them a call and let them have the opportunity to put the matter right, before you issue a bad review about them or take matters further.  But as always, sometimes no matter how much time you give a tradesman to put the job right, they don’t.  If this has happened to you, then you must let us know.  Leave the feedback as you feel appropriate and we will contact the relevant tradesman and ask his for an explanation.  As this website is about having the best 12 tradesmen in your local area, should there be no resolving the matter then the tradesman will receive what we class as a first strike and when the tradesman has received three, he is removed from the website immediately.   We do not become involved in your disputes, we only listen to your review and inform others.  Any further action you choose to take will be your decision.

  23. My tradesman would like payment in advance?
  24. In most cases, tradesmen will not expect payment in advance, although there may be some exceptional circumstances of which you will have to consider, should this ever be the case.  They may have agreed a delivery or ordered some goods for you on your behalf and they may have asked for a certain percentage from yourselves just in case you as a customer decided not to go ahead with the contract and leave the tradesman with goods they do not want.  However, normally a tradesman would carry out the work you ask and be paid accordingly and once the work is completed.  Sometimes stage payments are agreed and this is standard practice and should not cause concern.  It is important that whenever a payment is made to a tradesman or a business, a receipt is obtained.   Here at we offer both the customer and tradesman the opportunity to register with us to use the National Scheme, known as Bondpay.  This is a great new guarantee which covers situations exactly like these.  When both parties register their particular job with Bondpay, payment is placed in an escrow account and payment is only made to the tradesman once the work is completed.  The fact that the money is in an account reassures both parties that it is safe and will not be distributed until the work is done and also that there is money to pay for the work when it has been completed.   For further information on Bondpay, please click here.  

  25. My Tradesman is not registered for VAT – should I be concerned?
  26. Not always. Not every tradesman or company has to be VAT registered. Until a company hits a certain level, registering for VAT is optional. For example, a garden landscaper may not hit the VAT threshold and therefore he may not have chosen to register for VAT. However a builder would normally expect to be VAT registered depending on the size of their business. Always check your quotes and if the tradesman has charged you VAT then there will be a VAT number clearly displayed on the quote and their account. If you have any concerns you could contact your local HM Revenue & Customs office and they will clarify if the tradesman is VAT registered or not. Unless a VAT number is displayed no VAT should be paid.

FAQS Sheet Tradesman

  1. I am a tradesman – how do I join?
  2. Joining is simple.  Simply complete the Registration Form on the website, pay your membership fee and we will do the rest.  Your details are submitted to us online and once we have verified your membership details, you will be issued with a username and password, along with a guide showing you how to use the website, including access to any leads and other membership benefits.

  3. How does the website work?
  4. is basically an online advertising directory.  Your business details are clearly displayed on the website for any interested customer to see.  The customer can either choose to call you direct or use our Post A Job facility, whereby basic information about the work required is posted on the form which is then circulated amongst the relevant tradesmen.  The choice of who to use is down to the customer and this will be determined by using our 5 star rating system.  Our 5 star rating system is based on the following Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) – Promptness – Quality of work – Value for Money – Courtesy & Tidiness.  The more star ratings you have, the more attractive you will become to your customers. 

  5. Why is it important to get rated?
  6. Let’s be honest, there are lots of tradesmen out there.  For every job that wants doing, there are probably hundreds of tradesmen to do the job and the only way, in most cases that you are going to be successful in obtaining more work, is by being better that the others that are out there.   It’s like adding your C.V on line.  The more customer comments or references you receive, the better your profile or listing will look.  Put yourselves in your customer’s shoes, would you choose the tradesman that has a 5 star rating or a 2 star rating?  On top of this we also bear in mind that a tradesman who has received 5 or 6 customer ratings and has an overall rating of say a 4 star is much better than the tradesman that has only 1 rating and has a star rating of 5.  Your listing is based overall, which gives the customer a true reflection on your ability.   We also advise our tradesmen to keep their references up to date.  All ratings are dated and if your last reference is old then this could lead the customer to think you haven’t worked in some time or you may have even ceased trading.  Either way, it’s not the impression you want to give out.  This will discourage them and choose an alternative tradesman or company.  So here at D2D we cannot reiterate enough, the more up to date ratings you have, the more successful you will be.         

  7. How do D2D check ratings and references?
  8. At the point of joining D2D, you must provide at least 2 recent references or customer ratings as we like to call them and our team here at HQ give your customer’s a call to verify the references.   Once we have spoken to them, we upload their comments onto your trade profile for other customers to see.  Once you have become a member of the website, all references are monitored and randomly checked for further verification.  All customer feedback is provided online and is checked manually before going live on your profile.

  9. What are the benefits of becoming a member of D2D?
  10. offers a one stop shop for our tradesmen and the benefits of becoming a member are vast.  We are always looking at ways in which we can help you to improve your business.  In association with our partners Hire Station and Howarth Timber, we offer online tool hire and online purchases for most of your building and joinery requirements, all of which are delivered to your door or workplace.  We offer new and improved ways to pay or be paid and are the ONLY online directory to offer you exclusive project rates of 2% using the new Bondpay Scheme.  For more information about our benefits click here.

  11. How is this website different to other websites?
  12. There are many websites like on the market, but none of them offers so much to the tradesman as we do.  Yes, we hope to pass you many leads and enquiries from customers that are looking for your services, but we also understand that not all leads develop in work and that, let’s be honest is what you are looking for.  We also know that leads can be duplicated and if you are paying to quote for these in the first place, then this could be money thrown down the drain.  Here at D2D we charge a one off fee regardless of how many leads or enquiries you receive and as there is no cap on the amount of leads you can quote for, if you are on the ball, you could price everyone that a customer sends to you.  We don’t ask for a cut or a percentage of what you charge either – whatever you charge your customer is between yourselves, so your price can be fair and reasonable, without having to add anything extra knowing that you have to pay your lead provider some of it.  Our fees are very transparent, clear and fair and that is how we like to play it. 

  13. What do I need to join?
  14. To register with us, you need to have at least 2 customer references and have up to date Public Liability Insurance.  We will use your customer references for your ratings on the website and until you provide with this information, you will have no star ratings which will provide negative feedback to your customers.  We assess all memberships individually, as not all tradesmen have customer references immediately.   You may have just set up business on your own or you may have only recently qualified but if you are good and what you do there is no reason why you cannot become a member of D2D.  You do need up to date insurance as this covers you and your customers when working in or around their property.  If you haven’t any insurance, please let us know.  We could still accept your membership listing providing you fulfil this requirement within the next 7 days.  Once you become a member you can complete the insurance form, using the link in your trade account with us and a price will be provided to you.

  15. Why do I need insurance?
  16. Public Insurance is essential when working in or around other people’s property.  It covers you and your customer against all sorts of mishaps.  Each insurance policy and cover will be different and we suggest you speak to your insurance providers to find out exactly what type of cover you hold.  It provides piece of mind to your customer and gives you the edge over a tradesman that holds no insurance.  Insurance cover will start relatively low in cost and represents a professional and genuine company.

  17. How long does it take to become a member?
  18. Not long! The application process normally takes between 5 - 7 working days from submitting the form online.  Whilst your application is being verified, we will speak to your customers and check your references accordingly.  If we come across any problems with your application, we will contact you for further information.  To prevent delays in processing your application, please make sure that your references have up to date contact details on. We contact them by email initially.  Please ask your customers to respond quickly to our emails requests.

  19. Can my application be declined?
  20. Unfortunately, yes it can.  Membership is not guaranteed.  We only have 12 listings in each category / area and therefore we only want the best tradesmen on our website.  We will advise you as to the reason why your application has been declined.  Depending on the circumstances you may be able to reapply at a later date. 

  21. Can I list my business in other trade categories and areas?
  22. The premise of is that we offer the best tradesman in your local area and with this in mind, you can list your business in more than one trade category, but not in a different area.  This is because we feel that there is enough work for every tradesman in any area.   Why should the tradesman in Leeds get the work in Nottingham, for example?  We feel that by offering local tradesmen to local customers it will not only help to reduce your costs but also provide security to your customers knowing that the work is being carried out by a local tradesman.   This doesn’t mean that you couldn’t price work out of your area if a customer chooses to use the Post A Job facility, whereby they can choose to send the lead out to whoever they want.  This could be determined by location or trade.   So in a way the D2D member has the best of both worlds.  A searching customer can either contact a local tradesman direct or they could choose to contact a tradesman further a field.  Each lead or enquiry being sent to you at no extra cost.

  23. How are leads allocated?
  24. Leads are not allocated by D2D so there is no favouritism, just a clear and transparent allocation process.  The customer chooses how leads are allocated and it is done by one of two ways.  The customer can either simply choose a tradesman from the listings on the website and it is at this point that your customer ratings will be important and come into play or they can upload details of the work required using the Post A Job facility and then they choose how the lead is distributed.  They have a choice of trade category and also area.  The trade category and area will be determined by their own location and which tradesman they think will be required to do the work.   For example, a customer wanting a new front door, may choose to only send this lead to a Joiner in York, but a customer looking for someone to build an extension to their home, may send the lead to a Builder, a Joiner and a Roofer, in York, Leeds and Wakefield.  It all depends on what the customer is searching for and the size of the work required and how many quotes they would like to receive.

  25. How many leads will I receive?
  26. How long is a piece of string? In all honesty, we cannot guarantee that you will receive any leads, no business can.  The number of leads you could receive all depends on the customers searching and who are looking for your trade.  Now we hope that you will receive a lot of leads and definitely receive a return on your investment with us.  What we do guarantee however is that if you don’t receive any leads and you have done all you can, i.e. your listing is up to date, your contact details are correct and believe us we have had some tradesmen who have received no leads and when they have checked their listing, their telephone number is out of date and if your references are also up to date then we will keep your listing on the website, after your membership has expired and until you start to receive some leads.  We want you to be happy with our service and will always try to assist you.   

  27. How do I know a lead has been sent?
  28. When a lead or enquiry has been sent to you we will contact you by email and also by text facility.  You will then have to log onto your D2D account and register your interest in the job that has been posted.  At this stage you will then receive further information about the work required along with any contact details that the customer has left.  This could be an email address or telephone number.  You will then liaise direct with the customer and D2D will have no further involvement.   We suggest that you access your D2D account as soon as you are able to as once the customer has chosen a tradesman for the work, they may quickly remove the lead to prevent any more tradesmen contacting them. 

  29. Do I have to pay extra for the leads?
  30. No, you only pay your membership fee at the point of joining.  Any leads that you receive are included in your membership price.  So if you receive 1 or 1000 leads in a year, then the one off membership fee that you paid at the beginning is the ONLY price you pay.  It’s as clear and as simple as that.

  31. Do you take any more money off me whilst I am a member?
  32. No, we don’t take any more money off you whilst you are a member and are in your annual contract.  When you join, you register with us for 12 months and the one off membership fee is charged at that point.  Some of the extra benefits may incur a charge but using these benefits is not compulsory and the choice is up you.

  33. What is feedback?
  34. Feedback is what this website is all about.  It is the reason why D2D was born.  Feedback provides transparency to your customers and allows them to choose one tradesman from another.  Feedback is another description for customer ratings or references.  Feedback is the opinion of your customers in relation to the work you have carried out and it is very important as it reflects on you as a tradesman and as a business.

  35. How important is feedback?
  36. Feedback is very, very important.  It reflects on you as a person and your ability and after all it is this that the customer wants to know about.  Feedback provides historical information on how you operate, good or bad.  We all know that if we are looking for someone to do something, we always start by asking a friend if they can recommend anyone?  By promoting feedback it gives you the incentive to always do your best.  Good news travels fast but bad news travels faster.

  37. How is feedback calculated?
  38. Feedback is calculated using our 5 star rating system and is based on the following KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators).  These are Promptness – Quality of work – Value for Money – Courtesy & Tidiness.  These areas are what we feel and as confirmed by our customers, to be very important when choosing a tradesman.   Each customer is asked for their opinion based over a 1 – 5 rating, 5 being the highest.  We then take an average of your customer ratings in total and this represents your rating as displayed on the website and more specifically, your profile.

  39. What if I receive negative feedback?
  40. All ratings are monitored before they go live.  If we receive negative feedback we will contact you first, as some negative feedback may not be genuine.   We listen to both sides first and we offer you the chance to have your say.  Sometimes things can get all blown out of proportion, however if we feel that the negative feedback is relatively mild, then the comment will be displayed to provide transparency and your response will also be displayed.  Negative feedback is something that a customer may not necessarily see on this website or your profile, as we only offer the best tradesmen in their area and if negative feedback is received and depending on what is said, your account could be closed. 

  41. Editing your membership?
  42. Maintaining up to date membership information is very important, after all, would you display an old, out of date telephone number that was no longer in use on your company vehicle?  What about leaving your old address on your profile?  The answer is quite simply….No!  Unlike advertising in a brochure or magazine or in one of those big yellow books that we use for standing on to make us taller, any changes can be made at a touch of a button.  Simply log onto your account and make the necessary amendments.  Why not add some photos to your listing?  It is so easy and simple to do.

  43. Do you automatically renew my membership?
  44. No, membership is not automatically renewed.  We will contact you in the month prior to your membership expiring and speak to you about it first.

  45. I am not receiving many leads?
  46. This could be down to a number of reasons and before you contact us please check your profile to make sure your contact details are correct and up to date, you have up to date references on your profile and that you have made your listing as attractive as it can be.  Does your profile require photos, what is your competition doing?  Once you have looked at all these areas please contact us using the contact details your trader area and we will offer some advice on how we feel you can improve your lead generation.

  47. What if my customer will not pay for the work I have done?
  48. In the first instance you must ask why the customer feels the need not to pay you for the work you have carried out and see if you can come to a compromise.  It may be that you have not completed the work or to a satisfactory standard.  Should you not be able to arrive at a compromise then further action must be sought.  At this stage, we would suggest you contact your Solicitor as D2D will not become involved in individual disputes.  Unfortunately situations like this can happen and this is why D2D offer all our tradesmen the opportunity to register with the new national scheme known as Bondpay.  This is a great, new guarantee which assists not only the customer paying for unsatisfactory workmanship, but also assists the tradesman in being paid.  For further information on Bondpay, click here.